Big Frame Repair

Kenevans Track Frame

      This is or may we say was a beautiful Kenevans track bike. That is until Dan hit a car. He won a frame in a bike race so that fixed the problem. We waited a few weeks and started to fix the Kenevans. We started by Andrew cutting out a section of the damaged tube.

Andrew working Just cut

     As you can see Andrew got a small part of the frame pulled out so we can start the next part heating up the joint and pulling the damage tube out.
Opened up Nice decal

     Now it is time to let the fire out to do it's job.

Fire Steven having fun

     The top half of the down tube came out very easy being that it was silver soldered the first time so the heat I needed was a lot less.
Fire It is out

     The lower half was a bit harder as I forgot to look and found out it was pined together.
Old tube It is all out

     The whole down tube is out and now I must look at he head tube as the top lug was cracked it the crash.
Dirty Cleaned up

     The head tube is off and the cleaning up of the new lug has started.
Head tube Cleaning up lug

     The down tube goes in very nicely.
Putting in a new down tube Tube in

     You do not see all he work that Dan and Andrew did to clean up the lugs but they look great and the tubing was hand mitered for a perfect fit by the same two.
Putting in a new head tube Steven is looking good

     All most done now Dan will bring it in on Monday so I can cut and face the head tube and bb shell.
I see a little gap Looking good

     Of course what you do not see is all the work done to get to the point of brazing the tube back in. What was fun for me it to have Dan and Andrew there to see the work and experience it first hand. Fun for all around.
All done and ready to go before
     So nice all painted and it is ready to go. With a nice before and after photo shoot. Dan will need to get some decals now.

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