Our Customer's Bikes

Aegis by Dave.
What a fun build up the super new Campagnolo Super Record 11 speed. Except for the almost 200.00 chain tool I had to buy it was a fun afternoon for me and it is David's ultimate bike.

Aegis by Steve.
This build up was more to try out the new SRAM group then the frame. I had one before and I love it but the group pulled me in and yes it is very nice and I even got my replacement brakes in.

Atala by Kenneth.
This bike has been languishing around for a number of years now and I had the pleasure to bring it back from the dead. I took pictures of the point that all the parts are off and I got to start all over again.

Bareknuckle by Dan.
The frame was won by Dan at the 'Kings of New England' 3 part allycat this summer. The wheels were won at the 'Smells Like Jersey' allycat last March and were built by Trackstar. Then re-built by Stevn at The Bike Stand.

Calvert by Steve.
The frame made by Stephen Clavert when he lived in Eugene Oregon back in the late 1970's. It is a 61 center to center with a 57 cm top tube. It was dark blue back then but when I met the painter Less here in NJ I asked him to repaint it for me. He had some of the decals too. The top tube is shorter then I like now but it still is a great ride. And one of the few that had lugs since Stephen like the lug less look.

Chamberlain by Steven.
This is the bike I had made after I fell in love with the ride of my own custom I had Frank build me one. But Frank's is perfect. What he can do with a torch I can only dream about. Too bad frame builders make so little money. Frank gave up and got a real job up in Alaska.

Chamberlain by Anthony Nelson Jr.
Just found his newest love and it is a Chamberlain with all Campagnolo gear. have fun with it.

Hoffy by Dan.
This is the frame that replaced the Kenevans when the Kenevans found the side of a taxi cab.

Holdsworth by Steven.
Got this 60 cm center to center with a 57 cm top tube bike from someone on the CR list it came with a mix of Suntour and Campy parts. I love the orange color and the name says it all. I got it pretty much where I want it I just need to build up a set of 700 wheels and toss the 27" wheels.

Kenevans by Dan.
This is the frame that found the side of a taxi cab. 753 tubing.

Kestrel by Stephen.
This Kestrel just got a new Campagnolo upgrade over the older Shimano Ultegra parts. Very sweet

Landshark by James.
James newest ride.

Masi by Brian.
Brian bought this bike frame from one of the other fat men and made it his own.

Koga Miyata
Koga Miyata by John.
Johns sweetest ride to take him up and over the Rocky mountains.

Raleigh by Dave.
Dave bought a new bike after he was hit by a car and trashed his old Raleigh.

Raleigh by Henry.
Henry bought this used a few years back and has put it to good use ever since.

Willis by Chris.
Chris had me build up his frame like a cross bike with a mix of parts, very cool.

Willis by Henry.
Another Willis hits the road with a nice new Shimano Ultegra group.

Willis by Tom.
Tom pick out a mix of old and new to give this Willis a very vintage feel.

Redcay by Matt.
Matt's take on this Redcay touring bike was a fun set up for me and a nice ride for him. I love the Phil hubs and the TA cranks.

Serotta by Mario.
Mario the best ever part locater found all these parts and even this titanium frame used at a great price. Very light and very fast.

Willis by Evelyn Willis.
Evelyn's custom Wills is fitted with a mix of parts but mostly SRAM. The pink paint has gold in it to realy shine in the sun.

Willis by Anthony Nelson.
Mr. Nelson's custom Wills is fitted with Campy parts but he wanted that silver alloy look to it. It looks great but I do not think I want to ride that saddle.

Willis by Mark.
Mark's first custom bike. Mark has always had a fit problem with his long trunk and short legs and he also has a longer lower leg to add to the fit problem. So I went with a 57 cm top tube and a 53 cm seat tube with a 76 degree seat tube angle. The only problem was I had this super light True Temper tube set hanging around and I built it with that. A 3 pound frame in steel so yes it is not the best hill climbing bike around but still, it fits him well.

Willis by Willis.
Not my first custom bike for myself nor my last but I do think I got the geometry down pat. I love the ride so much I had Frank Chamberlain build me one that looks as good as it rides.

XRP by Mike.
Not his first bike bought here nor his last since he just ordered an Aegis. But it is one sweet light weight ride and my size.

Paramount by Steven.
I found the frame on EBay and started getting the parts a year latter. I wanted one back in the late 60's so now I have it.

Rigi by Steven.
I bought this stainless steel Rigi about 20 years ago. It did not have the special front derailleur so I welded up my own adapter to use a Campy braze on one. The seat tube pulled away from the bb shell and I had it welded back together but it has not see much action since then.

Track Willis
Track Bike by Steven Willis.
I custom built my own fixed gear bike and matched it up with a odd ball mix of parts. The hubs were Shimano XT high flange black that I cut to make it a track set with the left handed lock-ring. I even made room for fenders to ride it in the winter very cool and now track bikes are all the rage.

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