Building up a Colombus fork

New fork

Vintage fork blade

Picked out a set of pre-raked Columbus fork blade.

Laying out the blades

I like to lay the parts of the blade out to start getting a feel to the cutting I have to do.

Setting the rake

I am looking for a 43 mm rake this is about were the drop out will be to get that.

Marking the tips

I marked were I will be cutting the blades.

First cut

First cut.

First cut done

First cut is all done.

Cutting the slot

Cutting a slot for the drop out to fit. I use a small cutting blade.

Clean up

Clean up the slot with a flat file.

File the sides

File the sides of the blade to give it a cleaner look.

Clean up the inside

Cleaning up the inside of the fork tip.

Just about done

Just about done with the cutting of the tip.

Test fit

Test fitting the drop out in the new slot.

Second blade

Starting with the second blade.


Both fork blades are cut and fitted to the drop out now.

Testing steerer

Here I am test fitting the steerer into the fork crown.


Test fitting it all together to figure how much of the upper part of the blade to cut off.

In jig

I put it into the jig to see how it looks and put a file under the blades to see if the distance is even.


All ready for flux and brass.


Cleaning out the fork crown.


The fork is fluxed.


Oops forgot the vent holes.


Both vent holes are done.


I tacked the parts all together to check out the fit.

All brazed

All brazed up and starting to clean it up.


Cutting and facing the fork crown.


A little help from the fat-men.


More cleaning.


Checking the alignment of the fork. A little cold setting was needed.

Ready to ride

All done and it is back on the bike ready to ride.

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