Raleigh Bicycles 2017

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     Raleigh. A majority of bikes we sell at The Bike Stand are Raleighs. I am very happy with the brand and the company that stands behind it. Raleigh like every major brand out there sources their bikes from some large companies overseas now. The old days of a Mr. Raleigh building your bike in England is long gone. To be competitive just like every body else they went over seas. The good part about this is now most bikes are similar and interchangeable with each other. Not like the old days when Schwinn and Raleigh had almost nothing that was interchangeable with the other major brands.
      I still enjoy selling Raleigh's because they have a well recognizable name and because of the fact they do very little advertising so the bikes are also one of the better, if not the best, priced bikes out there. If you take the time to put a Raleigh up against any other brand out there then add to it the extra attention to the assembly we give you over most other bike shops I think you will most likely buy that Raleigh.
     As far as comparing a Raleigh to a Mega Mart type bike pop over to this comparison of a mountain bike page or this comparison of a kids bike page for some insight in to the difference between a bike shop bike and the bike you buy in a box.

      Raleigh Women's. These bikes were designed to create a thoroughly enjoyable cycling experience for women. I tried to keep all the women's bikes in one page to make it a little easer to find the bikes designed just for women. There has been a lot of additions to the women's road bikes so go take a look at what Raleigh has to offer.

Raleigh Women's

Raleigh Women Bikes.

     Raleigh Comfort. If you were asked to describe the most important characteristics of a comfortable bike, what words come to mind? It is the seat, ridding position and handling. Raleigh has a nice big comfortable seat, an adjustable high handle bar and over 100 years of bike building experience under their belt. So do your self a favor and look at what Raleigh has to offer in comfort bikes.

Raleigh Comfort

Raleigh Comfort Bikes.

     Raleigh Tandem. The great equalizer, tandem bikes are a fantastic way to share the cycling experience without losing your partner in the process.
      With two models and two sizes to choose from, a casual riding or sporty model a Raleigh Tandem is there to fill your needs. As always, a Raleigh tandem bike offers superior performance and value.

Raleigh Tandem

Raleigh Tandem Bikes.

     Raleigh Mountain bikes have spot-on geometry and top quality components maximize your fun, both on and off the beaten path. So come down and have a look and see what Raleigh has done with Mountain bikes.

Raleigh Mountain

Raleigh Mountain Bikes.

     Raleigh Hybrid. If you're seeking to increase your speed, comfort and cruising range, a Raleigh Hybrid bike is your perfect tool. Into 100 mile charity rides, Urban Commutes or Wine country touring. The only problem is picking a model.

Raleigh Hybrid

Raleigh Hybrid Bikes.

     Raleigh Performance Hybrid. Looking for a bike with all the performance of today's high tech road bikes but with a more comfortable, relaxed attitude? Introducing the Performance Hybrid line of road bikes.
      Designed for men and women, these exciting new bikes feature a performance comfort frame design that greatly improves comfort without sacrificing performance, light weight or efficiency.

Raleigh Performance Hybrid

Raleigh Performance Hybrid Bikes.

     Raleigh Folding Bike is not what I think of when I think of a folding bike. I think of a Montague or Dahon. This bike is a sweet road bike that folds for travel then for commuting. When you want to ride your own bike on vacation this will let you ride a normal road bike but still take it with you. When you are thinking about a new bike before you make your choice take a look at a Raleigh folder too.

Raleigh Foldin Bike

Raleigh Folder.

     Raleigh Road. Few companies have Raleigh's over 100 years legacy as a high performance bike manufacturer. they have taken their proven formula of combining classic geometry with superior components and applied it to two exciting new frame platforms. Their new bikes are a synergistic blend of high tech composite materials and time-tested design.

Raleigh Road Bikes

Raleigh Road Bikes.

     Raleigh Cruisers. From the boardwalk to the park, it's all about looking good these days. Raleigh recognizes this and offers up a stylish selection for the New Year. From the skirted fenders and seven speed of the Retroglide 7 to the stripped down simplicity of the Special, we've got a model to suit your frame of mind. Maybe you should pick up one of each in case of a sudden mood swing.

Raleigh Cruisers Bikes

Raleigh Cruiser Bikes.

     Raleigh Tricycles. As the baby boomers are starting to reach an age where some of us may want the stability that an adult tricycle can offer. The Raleigh trikes are designed with a very low step through frame a locking front hand brake and a choice of coaster brake, three speed, Heavy duty or electric. These well designed frames also comes with 20 wheels in the rear and a 24 wheel in the front. The complete line of trikes come in four distinctly different models, so it maybe time to look at a Raleigh.

Raleigh Tricycle

Raleigh Tricycles.

     Raleigh Electric is pedal assisted to 20 MPH with a 48 volt, 500 watt hub drive motor it has about a 35 mile range on a full charge. That is more than enough for most people to forsake their car for a leisure commute to work. This motor drive rear hub comes with a quick release and quick connect electrics wires to make servicing a snap.

Raleigh Electric Bikes

Raleigh Electric Bikes.

     Raleigh Youth. It's been said that the family that plays together stays together. We have found that there is no better way to connect with your family then through cycling. With quality and durability that are Raleigh trademarks, you can be sure that you will speed more time riding and less time having us fix your bike.

Raleigh Youth Bikes

Raleigh Youth Bikes.

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