Saris Racks

     Saris Safe, secure, accessible, and easy to use. Saris rear racks take all the things you love about roof mounted systems and put them where you can get to them. Whether you need temporary bike transport that gets you through a weekend, or a long-term solution that fits in with your daily activities, Saris has a rack for you and it is a lot closer than you think. Remember we will install your rack for free when you buy it at The Bike Stand.

Rear Trunk Mounts

Saris Sentinel 2 and 3

Sentinel 2
Sentinel 3

The Sentinel You're ready to buy a bike rack, but aren't quite ready to invest a lot of cash. With the Saris Good, Better, Best mentality, even our entry-level racks are high quality. Enter the Sentinel 2-bike. It's ready to go straight out of the box and with its adjusting arms, the Sentinel is easy to use and fits most sedans, hatchbacks and vans. Start your bike rack journey with the Sentinel and see where your rack takes you.

Price: Sentinel 2 79.99

Price: Sentinel 3 99.99

Bike Porter Trunk 2 and 3

Bike Porter 2
Bike Porter 3

The Bike Porter Cars come in all shapes and sizes. That's no problem for The Bike Porter trunk rack. With the Bike Porter's heavy duty foam pad, you can protect your car's finish—and hold two bikes securely. We've even added rubber cradles that separate your cables from your bike frame. The best part? The Bike Porter is as easy on the wallet as it is easy to use.

Price: Bike Porter 2 119.99

Price: Bike Porter 3 159.99

Rear Hitch Mount Racks

Bike Porter Hitch 2 and 4

Bike Porter Hitch 2
Bike Porter Hitch 4

The Bike Porter Hitch Transports your bikes in luxury with our grooved rubber cradles that separate shift and brake cables away from the frame. Plus, our ratcheting hold-downs and anti-sway straps keep bikes secured and protected from jostling as you cruise down the road. Remember these fold down and fold up.

Price: Bike Porter Hitch 2 259.99

Price: Bike Porter Hitch 4 309.99

We try and stock all of their racks but these are our best sellers and we try to keep them in stock all the time. Come on down and take a look at their racks today and let us show you how easy they go on to your car.

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