Sun Bicycles 2017

      I am very pleased with the brand Sun Bicycles and the way the company stands behind itís bicycles. Sun Bikes like a lot of other smaller brands out there is trying to fill the bikes that the bigger players do not go after. I feel Sun does a better then most job of doing this with a good looking line up, at a good price.
     Sun Bicycles Is not the biggest company we at The Bike Stand deal with, but it is one of the first I go to for an adult trike or tandem and one of the only companies I go to for a recumbent. I am sad to say we do not stock many of these bikes because of the large amount of floor space recumbents and tandems take up and recumbents and tandems are not the biggest movers we have here at The Bike Stand. But, we are so confident in the quality of these bikes and their great price, we will be happy to order up one just for you to look at and try out.
     The Bike Stand has a different plain than most shops out there the owner does most the assemblies on the bikes. Most bike shops out there hire young kids and with in a few days are banging them out in 15 minutes or less. When I first open my shop in 1982 I decided to do it differently I decided to hire people to work on the floor and I would do the mechanical work myself. I understand why other stores do it differently then me the markup on bikes is very low and with the shipping, service, and assembly to do there is just not that much money in it. But I believe when the customer compares and see the difference in the work I do they come back for all their needs. If you want take a look at our assembly page or come on down to the shop and take a look. You may also want to take a peek at a comparison between discount stores bikes and bike shop bikes while you are at it.

      The forward crank design. It was on the market a few years ago then it seem like everybody dumped it. Well just like me Sun-Bicycles thought it was worth keeping. By having the crank placed forward of were you would normally find it it lets you have proper leg extension and still put you feet flat on the ground. A great idea!

Forward Crank

Sun Forward Crank.

     Sun-Bicycles are one of the first to offer a real Recumbent at an affordable price. Take a look at the recumbents and then come on in and talk to us and we will see how we can help you.


Sun Recumbents.

     Sun-Bicycles tandem bikes have the lower price point covered and also have a recumbent tandem too.

Sun-Bicycles Tandems

Sun Tandem Bikes.

     Sun-Bicycle is also covering the adult tricycle market. From just a cruse around town model to a low slung recumbent tricycle. All Sun bikes are well made and well specked with brand named components.


Sun Tricycles.

     Sun-Bicycles with the word Sun in itís name you would have to assume that they had to have cruiser too and yes they do. They are probably best known for their cruiser bikes. Sun has too many for me to list them all from the cool forward crank of the Drifter or the simple open wheel Kruizer or the fendered Cruz bikes all with coaster or a derailleur. Sun must have a cruiser bike to help you out.

Sun-Bicycles Cruisers

Sun Cruisers.

      Getting going on our Streamway is never a problem with its unique low 8" step-through design at the core of this stylish commuter-friendly bike. A no-tools-required quick-release seat collar and a stem that can adjust up or down from -10 degree to +50 degrees help to dial in a perfect fit. Lightweight fenders add utility and class with their full coverage and complementary finish. The E-Foam comfort saddle and two-tone gel grips finish the bike out in style. The Streamway comes as a single speed, three-speed, or seven speed model to suit all riders.

Sun Step Through Bicycles

Sun Step Through Bikes.

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