Tom gets his Willis bike

The Build up of Tom Adams bike

Nova OS lugset

Picked out the new Nova steel OS road lugset for a 36mm headtube for Tom.

Will cut down the lug a bit for Tom

Tom does not want the tall lug on the headtube so I tried to show how it will look cut down.

Trial mounting in the jig

I cut and mitered the tubing and installed them in the jig. The jig does add some complication but it helps keep it in place.

Trial mounting in the jig

I really need to clean up more.

Needs more work on this joint

Pretty close but I need to get it a bit better fit on this headtube to toptube fit.

This joint looks pretty good now

The joints are starting to really fit well now.

The last joint is almost done

The last joint is just about there then I can put the lugs on. It is funny as people come in and see what I am doing they are all ways surprised to see the fit inside the lug is so close.

The lugs are on

The lugs are all on but as you can see I have a little work on that lower headlug fit to figure out.

Bottom bracket shell

The bottom bracket shell is all ready now.

Blurry seat lug joint

Blurry seat lug joint. I put some holes in this lug to act as little windows to watch the silver flow. The seat stays will cover them up.

All set up

All set up now comes the heat.

Lower head lug

The lower head lug with the little gap pulled in.

Upper head lug

The upper head lug with the extra cut off.

Main triangle

The main triangle is all brazed up.

Rear drop outs

The rear drop outs are brazed on to the chain stays but the stays are not in the bb yet.

Checking the fork

The fork tips are brazed on and I am checking the fit to the crown. But a little while later I saw it was the wrong crown.

Wrong crown

Tom wanted to know how much room he would have for tires. Key point here is wrong crown.

Raked blades

I have raked the blades now. When I get the wheels built I can plain the length of the blades.

Just for fun

I put the fork and the chainstays on to get a picture up for Tom.

The hubs are in

The hubs came in and I am going to figure out the spoke size to use.

The rear hub

High low rear hub.

The front hub

High flange front hub.

The rear hub again

The other view of the rear hub.

building the rear wheel

Here is the money shot Tom, building up the rear hub.

Wheel built

The rear wheel is built and now I need to put on the tire to check the fit in the frame.

Wheel built with tire

Time for fitting.

Stays are installed

Stays are installed and the wheel fits like a glove.

Brake studs

The studs are installed with a very fancy jig to hole the studs in place.

Rear brake housing stop

The rear stop is installed I just got it to stand up on it's own and then heated it up.

Checking the fit

I keep checking the fit. It just seems so easy to make a mistake and not see it until you have gone too far.

Derailleur stops

Another one of my fancy jigs to mount the cable stops.

Clean up time

Time to finish the fork and clean up the frame and order the racks so I can figure out were to put the threaded eyes on.

More clean up time

Well the frame and fork are just about done. I will braze on the eyelets then clean up time. Then off to the paint shop. Start saving your pennies Tom it will be soon now.

Front wheel built

The front wheel is built and now I am just waiting for the racks to come in.

Back from the painter

Just back from the painter.

All done

Okay now lets put it together.

Built up

All built up.

Vintage drive train

Cool vintage drive train.

wide bars

Nice wide bars for big Tom.

Cool Paul brakes

Very cool Paul brakes, I also like the flat crown.

Seat cluster

Seat cluster with the cable stop and rack mounts.

My name

Home made decals.

Head badge

Home made decals of the head badge and way over on the left side you can see our Fatman badge too.


Nice letter I got from Tom.

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